A tiny crumb…

September 11, 2008

Graduate school is fabulous but sucking every morsel of coherent thought I have right out, so I’m offering up a small crumb for now by posting some upcoming events.  If I get rowdy with the scanner later, I’ll post my thoughts on health insurance with a real life sample of the nightmare hospital billing has become.

Upcoming short and long races can be tracked through Run Georgia’s website.  There’s a 5K coming up in the hood at the East Atlanta Strut. I love 5K’s because they accomplish so much all in one Saturday morning:

  1. First and foremost, when you’re done you’ve run/walked/dragged butt 3.1 miles.  It’s a doable distance.
  2. Usually you’ve raised a little money for a charity. So in addition to that runner’s high, you get an extra 5 minutes of moral superiority for the day.
  3. They’re fun for all fitness levels. You’ll find a huge variety of runners, walkers, and sufferers so you can find your sweet spot and hang with your crowd.
  4. You can do them with your family and sometimes even your dog.  Most elementary school kids can handle the distance, especially if you let the little ones walk instead of run.  For the tiny ones you can usually push them in a jogging stroller.
  5. Making a habit out of signing up for 5Ks either once a month or once a quarter, whatever floats your boat, can help you keep motivated to train for them, integrating regular exercise into your routine.

For the more intense there’s always Operation Bootcamp right here in Grant Park, though you’ll never, ever see me out there at 6 am.  I do have neighbors who enjoy Bootcamp, and they look fabulous as a result.  There’s other programs like it, such as the one Harry Brewster does in the park as well, which I have done and loved, as much as I can love pain (his are later in the day).

That may seem like an odd collection of links but I wanted to peek back into the land of the living, if only for a bit.



One Response to “A tiny crumb…”

  1. Ren Says:

    I made the move from 5k’s to marathons, but I learned my lesson. Now I run only half marathons, though a full one is not ruled-out.

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