Nope, can’t stop posting about this….

June 29, 2008

According to this New York Times article: “Experts to Discuss One Puzzling Autism Case, as a Second Case Has Arisen” federal health officials will be discussing two cases today that may provide a clue to the link between children with a mitochondrial disorder, vaccines, and autism.

My favorite quote from the article:

“We’re talking about two things we don’t understand very well, mitochondrial disorder and autism, and putting them together,” Dr. Insel said. “It’s like two drunks holding each other up.”

Hope to see a follow up to this in the Times or somewhere.


2 Responses to “Nope, can’t stop posting about this….”

  1. Ren Says:

    I have seen two drunks holding each other up, and the result is not pretty. Who in their right mind would think that two cases would be representative of the universe of people with autism?


  2. Katy Seib Says:

    What’s important to remember is that parents of children are not unbiased in their thinking and clinicians need to remember to be sensitive to this. It’s the only way trust and open communication will happen for these two groups to work together rather than continue to fight.

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