AJC illustrates why Grady should matter to you

November 26, 2007

Seems like there’s several articles a month about Grady these days. Today in the AJC Gayle White highlights 9 reasons why Grady could matter to you.

The 9 issues are:

  1. excellent trauma care – one of only four Level One Trauma centers in Georgia and the only one in Atlanta
  2. unparalleled ambulance ability – 90,000 trips per year and can transport exposed CDC workers
  3. infectious disease care including interntaionally recognized HIV care
  4. medical education – 900/1000 of Emory’s residents and almost all of Morehouse’s train at Grady
  5. mental health care – many of these patients would be on the streets without Grady
  6. neonatal care – 30 high risk infants per day
  7. poison control – home to Georgia Poison Control handling 200,000 calls per year including pets
  8. sickle cell care – world’s largest center for adults with this disease
  9. burn unit – one of only 2 in the state

The politics of Grady’s issues today run deep but mostly stem from debts to Emory and Morehouse who train a large portion of their residents at Grady. Fulton county, the city of Atlanta, surrounding counties whose residents benefit from Grady, Emory and Morehouse need to come to an agreement that secures Grady’s future.

Grady Memorial Hospital

Emory University

Morehouse School of Medicine


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